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Rob Williams
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Default FPS PC Games That Shouldn't Be Missed

From our front-page news:
Hardcore PC gamer? Then chances are good you enjoy a good first-person shooter from time to time. Well, being a PC gamer, it's probably hard to not enjoy this genre, because let's face it, it seems to be the de facto genre that people think of most when picturing PC gaming in general. Not to mention, FPS games are huge at LAN's, and why not? They're great!

But, have you possibly missed some of the greats along the years? TechSpot might have you covered, with an article that takes a look at twenty-one FPS games "you shouldn't have missed". The best part is, this is a really solid list, and although you've likely played many of these, the author didn't skip out on some of the lesser-appreciated titles that were very cool in their own way, like Shogo, for example.

The list includes many influential titles that really shouldn't be missed if you take PC gaming seriously. Aside from the obvious Doom and Quake, Duke Nukem 3D and System Shock are also mentioned. I recently downloaded and played straight through DN3D on the Xbox Live Arcade, and I can honestly say, that game was just as fun now, as it was back in 1996. But I digress. If you are feeling a bit nostalgic and want to kick back with a classic title rather than the latest hit for a few nights, check the list out.

During the late 1990s it could be said that there were maybe just a few too many shooters hitting the scene and after a strong year in '99 for action/multiplayer shooters, 2000 came with a dry spell as far as blockbusters were concerned. The Operative: No One Lives Forever (NOLF) gave the genre a much needed breathe of life. The game was presented with an Austin Powers meets James Bond feel, that provided an amusing dialogue and story.

Source: TechSpot
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