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Rob Williams
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Default Windows 7 to See a September Release?

From our front-page news:
The release date for Microsoft's much-anticipated Windows 7 has been up in the air for a while, and even though no one can assuredly pick a date for release (last-minute delays are all too common), it appears that based on current plans, Microsoft hopes to begin shipping in September, or early October. This date was formed by the President of Compal, a manufacturer who produces systems for numerous top-rate PC makers.

If true, then Windows 7 would be launching at both a convenient and inconvenient time. If late September, then school will be in full-swing, and the idea of upgrading a computer might not be on anyone's mind. On the other hand, they'll release it far ahead of the holiday season. Whether or not it's too far ahead though, we're not sure. Either way, if the OS does indeed come out in September, there are sure to be many pleased fans, who don't have to stick to the mindset that they'll be waiting until 2010 for the new OS.

I admit, I haven't put much time into testing Windows 7 myself, but in the little amount of time I've spent with it, I liked what I saw. Some call it nothing more than a robust service pack, and while that might appear to be the case on the surface, taking a deeper look will reveal otherwise. I really can't wait for the new OS to arrive, because it looks like we'll have a real reason to want to upgrade. For those who haven't bothered to upgrade to Vista since its release, the upgrade will be even more impressive.

Amelia Agrawal, a spokeswoman for Microsoft, maintains the official company position that Windows 7 will be available within three years of when Vista shipped. However, the company's upgrade program plans and other leaks have increasingly suggested that the public goal, which would put the release in early 2010, is deliberately conservative and meant to avoid embarrassment in the event of an unexpected delay.

Source: Electronista
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