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Old 01-16-2012, 12:43 AM   #1
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Default Chrome Users: Which Chrome version are you running and why?

There are 4 different release channels for Chrome:

  • Stable channel: This channel has gotten the full testing and blessing of the Chrome test team, and is the best bet to avoid crashes and other issues. It's updated roughly every two-three weeks for minor releases, and every 6 weeks for major releases.
  • Beta channel: If you are interested in seeing what's next, with minimal risk, Beta channel is the place to be. It's updated every week roughly, with major updates coming ever six weeks, more than a month before the Stable channel will get them.
  • Dev channel: Want to see what's happening quickly, then you want the Dev channel. The Dev channel gets updated once or twice weekly, and it shows what we're working on right now. There's no lag between major versions, whatever code we've got, you will get. While this build does get tested, it is still subject to bugs, as we want people to see what's new as soon as possible.
  • Canary build: Canary builds are the bleeding edge. Released daily, this build has not been tested or used, it's released as soon as it's built. Because there's no guarantee that it will even run in some cases, it uses it's own profile and settings, and can be run side by side another Chrome channel. By default, it also reports crashes and usage statistics to Google (you can disable this on the download page).
I've been using the dev version because I like testing new features (and there are some benefits with being an early adopter), the dev version is stable enough, and I don't mind filing bug reports. How about you?
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I just use the stable version. I don't have time for testing the other builds.

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Old 01-16-2012, 01:33 PM   #3
Rob Williams
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Under Linux, I tend to use the beta version (or at least, stable + 1), but it's not something I did on purpose. Because of the rapid-release cycles here, the most recent version of Chrome is never declared stable until we're one version behind, so I end up "unmasking" versions that are considered to be in "testing", and for that reason I end up using the beta version, or even a version ahead of that.

In Windows, I stick with the stable version. More often than not, the additions made to the betas are going to be unnoticeable to me. It might be different if I were a Web designer, but I just don't feel any sort of draw to using a beta version of a browser. It's a little different with games or some other applications where new features -are- evident, but there's so little that changes with a browser every three months. Honestly, I probably couldn't tell the difference between the Chrome I am using now and one 4 versions ago.

Interesting about the Canary build though, had no idea that existed. It's essentially a nightly I guess.
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Beta all the way
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