Customers Affected By Adobe Security Breach Escalates from 3 Million to 38 Million

Posted on October 30, 2013 3:00 PM by Rob Williams

We reported earlier this month about a security breach that affected Adobe and 3 million of its customers. Well, now that some time has passed, the company has been able to give a more accurate affected number: 38 million. In addition, it appears that much of the source code leak that occurred directly relates to Photoshop.

Last week, a file called “users.tar.gz” hit the Web that supposedly had the information of some 150 million accounts stolen from Adobe, which might very-well be every one the company’s ever stored. Of those, though, “only” 38 million were active – the rest were old non-active accounts, test accounts, and so forth.

Adobe Hacked

If your account was affected in this breach, you should have received an email about it long ago. I received an email about a week after the initial news broke, although I had no financial information stored with the company. While Adobe did the right thing and reset everyone’s password, that doesn’t do anything to help those who use the same password on more than one service. As always, it pays to put the effort forth to use a different password for each service that you use – especially if financial information is involved.

You can read a lot more about the breach over at Krebs on Security.

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