Corsair HX620W Power Supply

by Rob Williams on December 6, 2006 in Cases & PSUs

Corsair knows their stuff when it comes to performance memory, but how about power supplies? Despite the fact that they are new to the PSU market, they prove that they are not newbies. After taking a look at their HX620W, we walk away impressed.

Inside the PSU

After cracking the PSU open we can learn a lot. Here is the backside of the fan, which is capable of 2050RPM and 80.5CFM. Despite the job is has to do, it still retains the somewhat quiet 38.0dBA rating. The HX620W has a built-in fan controller which will adjust the fan speed accordingly, so it will only become noticeably audible under full load.

To help dissipate heat, an oddly styled black heatsink is used. It is comprised of two sections, and are designed to keep the heat evenly distributed throughout the supply and ultimately with the help of the fan, straight out of the back.

The primary capacitor.

As a whole, the internals are kept very clean and is optimized to run efficiently. Thanks to the large 120mm fan, the hot air should be able to escape out the back quickly. Here are a few more pictures of the innards before we move onto testing.