Func HS-260 Gaming Headset Review: The Art of Underselling Descriptions

Func HS-260 Gaming Headset
by J.D. Kane on January 27, 2014 in Audio & Media

Most gaming headsets are one-trick ponies: They’re designed for gaming, which tends to mean that they’re just “good enough” for everything else. As we’ve learned from Func over the past year, though, the company doesn’t want to create anything just “good enough”. So, let’s see if we get “more” with its HS-260 gaming headset.





I’m so glad I drew the assignment to review Func’s HS-260 gaming headset.

You might think that after a little more than a year of reviewing headsets from a variety of manufacturers, I’d be tired of sampling this type of equipment. The truth is, I’m a bit of an audio junkie, and I honestly love doing this for Techgage.

Of course, some headsets are better than others. Some you look at, and you’re not surprised why it doesn’t satisfy your ears too much. Others you find yourself really surprised at how good they sound.

Then there’s the Func HS-260 Gaming Headset.

Func HS-260 Gaming Headset - Pageant Shot

At this point in the review, I won’t tell you about how it performs. That’s for later.

But I think that this is a smart-looking headset. I suppose I have a preference for austere, serious-looking gear, and I think the HS-260 certainly fits the description. I will confess that I got some good-natured ribbing from some friends at the office when they saw me with the HS-260 on my way to lunch one time. I was going to test it on my iPod classic, and the nature of my co-workers’ jokes had to do with the HS-260’s apparently gigantic proportions.

The HS-260’s 50mm drivers probably have something to do with why my work friends were throwing jokes in my direction. To me, it’s not that big. But I guess my co-workers think differently. They probably have zero experience with anything other than those silly, tinny-sounding ear buds Apple provides with their iPods. I laugh at them, then.

Func HS-260 Gaming Headset - Package Contents

Here’s a look at everything Func has included in the box. There’s the headset unit itself, of course. Then there’s the removable mic stalk and the detachable braided cable. Func has also provided an extra pair of padded ear pieces for the speakers, which is a great touch. Finally, there is a rudimentary user’s manual as well.

Func HS-260 Gaming Headset

The headset unit itself really hits the spot, as far as I’m concerned. I like its business-like aesthetic. There is nothing garish or lurid about the HS-260. As far as appearance goes, this headset is as classy at things get.

Func HS-260 Gaming Headset - Cable Connectors

The detachable braided cable, on the other hand, is perhaps the one obvious concession Func gives to the stereotypical gamer. Covered in a relatively eye-catching black and red braided sleeve, it’s a contrast to the mostly dark matte greys and black, with some tasteful chrome accenting of the drivers’ exterior surfaces, of the headset unit. Having said that, it’s really not garish at all. What it is, though, is an interesting visual counterpoint compared to the headset unit itself. The cable is a 1-into-2 type: The cable is detachable via a single connector, and on the other end are two 3.5mm connectors. As typical, the connector with the lime green rings is the audio out connector, while the one with the pink rings is the microphone in connector.

Func HS-260 Gaming Headset - Mic Stalk

And here is a close-up of the detachable microphone. The stalk is both flexible enough so that it can be bent to any desired shape, and stiff enough to stay in that shape. The mic unit has a sliding mute switch on its bottom surface for those moments when you need or want “radio silence” on your comms.

Func HS-260 Gaming Headset - Bottom of Ear Cups

When I looked at both the cable and the microphone unit, I noticed that their connectors looked virtually the same size. A measurement confirmed my initial visual appraisal: They were the same size. So I looked at the bottom of both ear cups where both the mic and the cable jacks were. Obviously these were the same size as well. So did a quick test, swapping both the cable and the mic between each jack. Lo and behold, the jacks were interchangeable! You can plug in the mic and the cable into either jack, and the whole thing just works. I have honestly never seen that before in a gaming headset. Color me impressed.

Also, the left speaker has a rolling volume control on it. It’s a logical place to put it, and it’s easy to get to.

Now that we’ve had a good, close look at the HS-260, let’s talk about how it performs.

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  • Rob Williams

    Despite owning a good pair of headphones, I almost want to try these out! They sound truly amazing for the price-point, and a definite shoe-in for anyone who wants high-end audio but don’t want to shell out the pile of cash for it. Well done, Func.

    • JD Kane

      This headset really is great. Nothing I’ve ever tested and reviewed for Techgage comes close. I’ll have to remember to take these with me when I see you in San Jose so you can sample these yourself.

      • Cymen

        Have you tried the QPAD QH 90? They are a bit more expensive and many sites seem to think they are a bit better than the HS260. Can you confirm that or would you still recommend the Func?

        • JD Kane

          Haven’t tried the QPAD QH 90; never actually heard of it until you mentioned it.

          Maybe TG big Kahuna Rob can get us one to review..?

          • Cymen

            I already got the FUNC HS-260 but a lot of sites consider the QPAD QH-90 to be even better.

            One of the reason I chose the FUNC is the ability to switch the sides of the mic and cable. My computer stands on my right while most headsets have the cable on the left side. It was always really awkward for me to have a cable going across my body. And I also appreciate the volume control/mute on the headset itself rather than a control somewhere on the cable. My last headset had that and it kept getting stuck somewhere resulting in cable-tugging…which eventually lead to it’s death.

            The earcups are very comfortable as well (both of them) and I am very happy with my purchase.

            Thanks for your review, it has lead to a happy user of this product.

          • JD Kane

            Thank YOU for reading! I’m glad that you’re enjoying your HS-260. :)

  • Kayden

    I went looking to purchase these bad boys. Unfortunately they’re sold out at Newegg and Amazon doesn’t even list them. That is just wrong!

    • Rob Williams

      There are supposed to be more in stock soon, apparently.

  • John

    Found a new pair on ebay.

  • Alex Day

    My microphone on it doesn’t read any sound and plugged it into another computer and still isn’t reading the sound. any suggestions?

    • Jamie Fletcher

      I know this might sound like very dull ‘helpdesk’ type stuff, but bear with it and try the simple stuff first. Is it plugged into the mic port on your soundcard, not Line-In. Is Windows configured to use the mic, and/or has the mic been disabled/muted by accident? Has the mute button on the mic itself been pressed? Has the mic been pushed in all the way into the headset? Is the mic volume set correctly, and/or boost enabled?

      Since the mic is analogue (not USB), there is very little, hardware wise, to go wrong. So the issue is more than likely either a connection problem or software related.

  • Alex Day

    There Brand new.