Intel 335 Series 180GB SSD Review

Intel 335 180GB SSD
by Robert Tanner on March 18, 2013 in Storage

Looking for a mainstream SSD but need help deciding which to choose? Is that $10 difference really worth it? Who’s got the most reliable SandForce based-SSD around? Why does Intel have so many SandForce SSDs anyway? All these questions and more are answered within!

Synthetic: PCMark 7

Futuremark’s PCMark benchmarking suite should need no introduction; it has been a staple of PC benchmarks for the better half of a decade. It includes over 25 individual workloads designed to measure all aspects of system performance and gives individual scores in each test as well as an overall system performance score for easy system comparisons.

PCMark 7 offers a more accurate measure of performance as compared to its predecessor, PCMark Vantage. The storage scoring metrics especially were significantly re-tuned and optimized with SSDs in mind to give a more balanced disk subsystem score.

PCMark 7 Professional

Although IMFT’s 20nm NAND is rated for a slightly lower write speed than the older 25nm NAND, it doesn’t tangibly impact performance. The Intel 335 still outperforms the m4 in PCMark and places between the two other SSDs in our lineup that utilize SandForce controllers. Surprisingly, the 335 is even able to swap places with the Neutron in the storage composite score.

  • johndoe

    This is a decent drive but it comes with old 25nm Intel flash. The new revision of Vertex 3 comes with Intel 20nm MLC, which improves performance, reduces power consumption and increases reliability.

    • Kougar

      The only difference between the 335 and the 330 is in fact the NAND flash. The Intel 335 Series does use Intel’s 20nm MLC flash.

      • johndoe

        When you’re buying the drive off the shelf, you don’t know whether it’ll have 20nm or 25nm Intel ONFI MLC.

        It’s said that the drive comes with 20nm but that is NOT clear.

        You have absolutely no guarantee that ALL drives or YOUR drive will come with 20nm flash.

        That said, if you want a REALLY, really good SSD, then I got a Solidata X7 for sale.