Intel’s 32nm Clarkdale – Nehalem for Everyone

by Rob Williams on January 3, 2010 in Processors

To help kick 2010 off right, Intel has filled out the rest of its current-gen processor line-up with the help of Westmere. We’re taking a look at the desktop variant here, which brings a lot to the table compared to the previous generation. For those who’ve been holding out for that next affordable PC upgrade, the wait has been worth it.


I might not much care for Intel’s BIOSes, as I mentioned, but between all others out there, my favorite over time has been the ones ASUS has put out. Similar to Intel’s own BIOSes, ASUS uses a top-menu for the sorting of things, which I’ve come to like. It’s easier to go from left to right than it is up to down, across a two-sided menu. Plus, as soon as you go to a top-menu, it’s automatically opened, so there’s no need to hit Enter.

Like its desktop boards, the BIOS here is very robust, and as mentioned before, it focuses quite a bit on overclocking. The box boasts DDR3-2133 support, and with the 8+3 phase solution, along with the robust BIOS, high overclocks can, and will be reached. And quite easily, as we’ll see later in the article.

As I did with the Intel BIOS page, I’ll let the screenshots here speak for themselves. As ASUS’ board is the first non-Intel we received, it will be the first H55 board we officially review. If all goes well, I hope to get that up later this week.