Logisys 20 in 1 Media Panel

by Rob Williams on June 10, 2005 in Peripherals

Are you in need of more connectivity in your PC? Logisys recently released a new media panel which attempts to give us the connectivity we are looking for, and more. See how it made out in our review.


If you in the market for a media panel, I would recommend checking this one out. All the problems I encountered, had to do with installation. Depending on the size of your case, you may have an easier time than I did. I didn’t actually install the panel into a bay, because I was getting too flustered :)

Installation aside though, this panel does everything it says it will. It reads nine different memory cards, which is a huge bonus. The two USB and other connectors are also welcomed as well. I can’t picture many people using the AV/Mic/Line-in/Line-out connectors though.

Being able to keep track of your fan speed and temps through the panel are also great. Since they allow fan speeds to be monitored, I find it funny that a fan controller was not also built-in to the panel, as there seems to be plenty of room for one. Removing the AV/Mic/Line-in/Line-out jacks, would have allowed plenty of space for two fan controllers. Possibly in the future this is something we will see.

At a retail price of $26.99US, it’s priced right. If you want a solid media panel, and don’t mind a super clean installation, check out the Logisys 20 in 1 panel. Thanks to Logisys for allowing us to review the panel!


  • Plenty of functionality
  • Displays Fan Speed and Temps
  • Priced right

  • Installation was not fun
  • Manual could have been more detailed

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