OCZ Vector 256GB SSD Review

by Robert Tanner on January 14, 2013 in Storage

Vector is OCZ’s first SSD release since the ushering in of a new CEO and fresh perspective on its direction. It’s also the first SSD to come equipped with both in-house firmware and controller. In effect, OCZ has built its Vector SSD from the ground up with its rich internal resources – has it paid off?

Synthetic: HD Tune Pro 5.0

HD Tune is still primarily an HDD benchmark, but we include it as an alternative for those consumers that prefer it for one reason or another. The free version does not perform write tests, but otherwise is available for free here.

The Vector doesn’t show the highest burst performance in the disk level test, but does deliver the best average performance and more importantly delivers the highest minimum performance out of all the listed drives. It also doesn’t have trouble cleaning up in the various read file size operations, either.

Interesting to note is that since updating HD Tune to version 5, access times on the 4KB read test are identical to the AS SSD 4KB read results – at least for the SSDs. This fairly definitively confirms the very low access times we saw previously and shows OCZ has taken the time to optimize not just the firmware, but the Barefoot 3 controller design itself. Remember that the V4 shares the same firmware, so the only difference is that it uses Marvell IP for the hardware, yet the Vector is capable of improving read latencies across the board.

  • http://techgage.com/ Brett Thomas

    Looks like OCZ is finally making good on its promises. It’s a little unfair to put this success on the new CEO (products like this were all under design from the old management and the roadmap was well in the works), but I think the new leadership will hopefully help to keep the company “on track” with this success. This is impressive, and though the price may be a little higher, I can’t imagine people wouldn’t be willing to pay that premium in many environments. Just looking at these figures makes me think it might be time to make a switch for some of our office systems.

    • http://www.facebook.com/deathspawner Rob Williams

      I had concerns about this drive leading up to its launch, but OCZ delivered on all accounts. Unlike many SSDs, it doesn’t have a strength in just one area… it’s fast as hell all-around. I’m pretty excited to see what the company has in store next.

    • Kougar

      Thanks for the feedback!

      It was not my intention to give the new CEO credit for this drive as you are indeed correct. Development of the Vector has been between 6-12 months from what I’ve heard, longer than typical for OCZ drives and long before Ryan Petersen was ousted. I was merely attempting to point out OCZ has done a number of things differently, both with this SSD and within the company itself as part of an overall concerted effort.