Seagate Desktop HDD.15 4TB Review

Seagate Desktop HDD.15
by Rob Williams on May 8, 2013 in Storage

With our ever-increasing need for storage, 4TB models couldn’t be more tempting. On the scale of temptation, though, one drive is placed higher than all the others: Seagate’s Desktop HDD.15. There’s one good reason for that: it costs less than $200. We hear you – it sounds crazy. Let’s dig in and find out if it really is.

Synthetic: PCMark 7

Futuremark’s PCMark benchmarking suite should need no introduction – it’s been a staple of PC benchmarking for the better half of a decade. PCMark offers a range of tests to gauge every aspect of a computer’s performance and presents it in a simple final result. Thankfully, it also breaks down the overall score with individual subsystem scores (such as Memory, Storage, et cetera) in addition to providing individual test results.

As we’re not too concerned with the performance of the PC as a whole, for our testing here we deselect all default tests and run only the “Secondary Storage” suite, with the hard drive in question as the chosen drive. Tests in this suite range from the loading of applications, running a Windows Defender scan, editing video, gaming and more.

PCMark 7 Professional

Compared to WD’s Red and Green 2TBs, Seagate’s Desktop HDD.15 sits comfortably in the lead (albeit by a mere ~5% over the Red). Both the Red and Seagate’s drive include 1TB platters, so Seagate’s gain is notable. We’ll see if this trend continues with our further testing.

  • danwat1234

    I wonder when 1TB/platter 7200RPM drives will come out. We’ve had 1TB platters for years now. It must be the head technology that is the limiting factor.

    • Rob Williams

      That’s a great question. Asking Seagate, WD or any other company would yield very little as a response, so it’s not even worth the bother. Usually the response is akin to “when it gets here”, because they can never know for certain. When they -can- utilize 1TB platters in those drives, they definitely will. I look forward to them also because those should be wicked performers.

  • Guest

    What benchmark setting did you set on HD Tune Pro? Full test, partial test (fast or accurate?) or the default out-of-the-installation setting?
    in any case it would’ve be interesting having the HD Tune Pro screenshots.