Seagate Desktop HDD.15 4TB Review

Seagate Desktop HDD.15
by Rob Williams on May 8, 2013 in Storage

With our ever-increasing need for storage, 4TB models couldn’t be more tempting. On the scale of temptation, though, one drive is placed higher than all the others: Seagate’s Desktop HDD.15. There’s one good reason for that: it costs less than $200. We hear you – it sounds crazy. Let’s dig in and find out if it really is.

Synthetic: AIDA64 2.70

Similar to HD Tune, AIDA64’s built-in disk benchmarker is one of the easiest to run. The developer also keeps up on top of architectural trends so that you feel confident that the algorithms don’t get much better than this. This spreads beyond the storage benchmark, as AIDA64’s system stress-testers is one of the best, if not the best, out there – thanks to it being able to take full advantage of any given CPU architecture.

For our testing, we run the Linear Read and Random Write tests. Because AIDA64 by default automatically chooses a cluster size (which changes at random), we force it to use 64KB for our testing.

AIDA64 2.30

Seagate’s Desktop HDD.15 continues to give us roughly the performance we’d expect, and backing up HD Tune, AIDA gives us the exact same latency report of 17ms.

  • danwat1234

    I wonder when 1TB/platter 7200RPM drives will come out. We’ve had 1TB platters for years now. It must be the head technology that is the limiting factor.

    • Rob Williams

      That’s a great question. Asking Seagate, WD or any other company would yield very little as a response, so it’s not even worth the bother. Usually the response is akin to “when it gets here”, because they can never know for certain. When they -can- utilize 1TB platters in those drives, they definitely will. I look forward to them also because those should be wicked performers.

  • Guest

    What benchmark setting did you set on HD Tune Pro? Full test, partial test (fast or accurate?) or the default out-of-the-installation setting?
    in any case it would’ve be interesting having the HD Tune Pro screenshots.