Seagate Laptop Thin SSHD 500GB Review

Seagate SSHD Family
by Robert Tanner on April 22, 2013 in Storage

Have you ever had a craving for a hard drive the same size as those Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies? Seagate has just the drive for you, and anyone else who’s in the market for a svelte 7mm laptop drive but needs performance at an affordable price. Seagate’s Solid-State Hybrid Thin drive may be small, but it may just be the drive you’re looking for.

Synthetic: HD Tune Pro 5.0

HD Tune is still primarily an HDD benchmark, but we include it as an alternative for those consumers that prefer it for one reason or another. The free version does not perform write tests, but otherwise is available for free here.

HD Tune, thankfully, is a tool designed for HDDs, but Seagate warns that it isn’t suited as an accurate representation of performance due to the caching mechanism that SSHDs use. As such it should be no surprise to see results once again mirroring the other mechanical drive, although the SSHD does deliver better random read performance.

  • ET3D

    Thanks for the review. While on some fronts it feels like a hybrid drive could work better (for example with more cache), it’s definitely a step forward, and I plan to buy a 1TB one to upgrade my wife’s laptop (which currently has a 320GB drive).

  • Pharohbender

    i have 3 already 1 for the laptop 1 for the desktop and 1 for the playstation and they all gave a pretty good boost, keep it up seagate lets try with 16-32gb of flash even better