Ultra X-Connect 500W PSU

by Rob Williams on April 18, 2005 in Cases & PSUs

Case clutter has been a problem with computers forever, especially with PSU cables lying all over the place. Ultra promises to solve this problem, by allowing you to only use the cables you need. The X-Connect PSU includes other cool features as well. You can read about them in our review.


When the X-Connect was released late last year, there were a lot of skeptics. Ultra also had it’s share of problems with the release, including not bundling S-ATA Cables with the launch models. That was quickly taken care of though. There are a lot of people who are unsure if the cables have a ‘secure’ feel or not. I can say that they certainly do.. they feel sturdy, and fit in tightly.

One thing I would have liked to see, although it may not be that feasible, is to have a cable that allowed you to plug in your fans. A Y-Cable with two 3-Pin and one 4-Pin floppy connector would have been cool. That way, for older video cards like mine, I could plug it in, as well as two available fans. I am surprised that Ultra doesn’t sell an add-on cable like this, but of course, I may be the only one who could use one.

Overall, the X-Connect PSU is a fantastic power supply. The design and innovative features are great. I was discouraged a little when I seen the +12V rail hit 13.13 though. I don’t believe, with all my hardware even running at the same time, that it should hit that high.

If you want the inside of your PC to look tidy, and have a great looking PSU to boot, I recommend you look into the X-Connect. If Silvers not your bag, Ultra has many colors to choose from.

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  • It looks gorgeous!
  • Cable connect system
  • Cables are reflective and sturdy
  • Comes in at a great price

  • +12V rail hit 13.13 during normal use