16-Year-Old Defeats $84 Million Australia Porn Filter

Posted on August 25, 2007 1:06 PM by Rob Williams

When will the governments ever learn? Likely, never, but stories like these are great. After Australia launched a new porn filter application, which cost them a cool $84 million, it was defeated within THIRTY MINUTES by a 16-year-old Tom Wood. So AUS updated the filter, and he got through it again. You’ve got to love the quote from a govn. official: “Unfortunately, no single measure can protect children from online harm…”. Well, that about makes up for the wasted $84 million of taxpayers money!

Senator Coonan, a government official did the best she could to salvage the sorry situation with, “Unfortunately, no single measure can protect children from online harm and … traditional parenting skills have never been more important.” Basically what I interpret that to mean is; “Tom is really getting on our tits; if you don’t want your kids looking at porn don’t have them in the first place.”

Source: Gizmodo

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