Adobe Releases Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 11

Posted on September 25, 2012 6:00 AM by Rob Williams

With professionals having received their CS6 fix earlier this year, we knew it wouldn’t be long before Adobe followed-up with some Elements love for those that don’t need the ultimate control that their full-blown counterparts avail. The latest version of each launches today, 11, sporting what Adobe calls a “completely refreshed” interface, based on the same exact engines of their bigger versions (as of the time of writing, I could not locate an official screenshot of this new interface).

On the Photoshop side, the program now allows you to organize photos based on people, places (using Google Maps’ geo-tagging) or events, use “Guided Edits” to aide you along your way to make professional edits such as tilt-shift and vignetting, adds some new filters (comic, graphic novel, pen and ink) and “Intelligent” technology that allows you to extract objects from different photos in order to create one quality result (eg: kids photos where not everyone is  looking at the camera in a single shot).

Premiere Elements updates seem to be more about refining the formula rather than adding in a bunch of new features, though there is the addition of “FilmLooks” which allows you to add cinema effects to your videos easily.

Premiere and Photoshop Elements sold apart will cost you $99 per, but buying them together will net you both for $150. Upgrade pricing for the bundle is $119, while the individual prices are $80. It goes without saying if you have any use for the other half of this equation, bundling is worth it.

We’ll post our look at the software in the weeks ahead.

Source: Adobe

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