Advance Tickets for The Hobbit at 48 FPS Now Available

Posted on November 8, 2012 9:20 AM by Rob Williams

Advance ticket sales for Peter Jackson’s upcoming epic The Hobbit have just gone on sale. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t post news about this – especially when it involves a movie I’m not even that familiar with. However, this release is big for another, technical reason: it’ll be the first 48 FPS film to hit the theaters.  All other films are run at 24 FPS, so there’s a definite intrigue surrounding this movie.

Talk of 48 FPS movies began to intensify this past spring when we learned that both James Cameron and Peter Jackson would be adopting the technology. With The Hobbit, Jackson will be the first to put it to use. Cameron’s first 48 FPS film will likely become Avatar 2, rumored for release sometime during 2015.

The reason 48 FPS is being touted by these directors and others is that it will result in much smoother playback of the films. A literal doubling of the framerate isn’t going to go unnoticed, especially when we’re dealing with such low numbers to begin with. While 24 FPS movies don’t appear “slow”, there’s definite room for improvement. What I’m curious to see is whether or not most people end up disliking 48 FPS because of how different the motion will appear. If you want an example of the difference it could result in, I recommend checking out Engadget’s comparison here.

As for the topic of this post, you will need to check your local cinema to see if you’ll be able to watch the 48 FPS version there – its website should definitely point it out. For easier searching, it might help to head on over to the official website and peruse the listings there. Key words to be on the lookout for are “HFR”, “High Frame-Rate” and of course, any mention of 48 FPS.

If you’re going to be seeing this film, will you be making a point to see the 48 FPS version?

  • Marfig

    Nothing would work better for a viewer to go with a full movie screening on both speeds and then make their choice. However I hear 48 FPS will be mostly used for 3D movies.

    I confess I don’t find 48 FPS impressive at all, except for panoramic views and wide angle shots. That’s where it really shines. Lord of the Rings had a huge amount of both of those. I’d drool at some of the original movies scenes in 50 FPS. But then, for all the actions bits and closeups it would really need to move back to 24 FPS.

    • Rob Williams

      The problem with tests like that is that people are bound to go with the 24 FPS version because it’s what they’re used to. It’s what we’re all used to, so even if it IS inferior, people might opt for it just because it’s familiar. It’s kind of like quitting smoking… it’s awful hard, but once you move the move, you start to see and appreciate the benefits. Weird analogy, but oh well.

  • Bilal Khan

    Man I really don’t like 3D! Ruins the colors and its just a gimmick to make more money! IMHO! :D

    I prefer the good old fashion 2D!

  • Kayden

    I hear they are providing an explanation as to why the color looks the way it does. I personally would like to see it in 48fps but not in 3D, no way no how. I am going to see this in 2D and hope that I have the option in the future. /c:

    • Rob Williams

      I agree 100%. I can’t even see in 3D, so HFR for me at the moment is useless.

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