Aimpad – The Next Big Thing in PC Gaming?

Posted on April 10, 2014 4:35 PM by Tom Roeder

Here at Techgage, we like to keep up on all the new and exciting things to enter the PC gaming world.  One product that grabbed our attention, that’s still in development and currently on Kickstarter, is the “Aimpad”.  Aimpad is a revolutionary idea, once you understand the theory around how it will work; it has strong promise, at least in my humble opinion.

Aimpad Prototype

Aimpad looks like a regular mechanical keyboard style pad, but what sets it apart is that the keys are not simple on-off switches like on a keyboard or mouse.  These keys actually measure the amount of travel, meaning how far down you press the keys.  Basically in a nutshell, this device is like a joystick or gamepad, except it uses keys for the inputs.  This will make peeking around a corner in a FPS game much more smooth, fluid and controlled.

Aimpad measures the traditional WASD inputs simultaneously and then translates that into the X and Y coordinates that would be used by a gamepad or joystick.  What they are bringing is, the wonderful precise control of a gamepad or joystick, and making it into a keyboard.  You get the precision and convenience of a game pad, but you can still use your mouse for aiming. I personally think that this device shows a lot of potential, and will be anxiously waiting its release.  What do you think?

  • Rob Williams

    Hmm, I would have sworn something like this was done before. I’d have to reserve judgement until I can actually use it. It’s pretty ingrained in me that a standard KB is good enough.

    • zacharyt1122

      Seems like a gimmick. Maybe I’m older and stuck in my ways, but keyboards have reached the pinnacle of perfection. If you need precise steering control, chances are you’re using a gamepad or wheel if you’re racing. In a game like UT precise steering is not necessary for its vehicular control and would take more conscious effort of how hard you’re pressing a key to worry about precision.

      • Rob Williams

        “If you need precise steering control, chances are you’re using a gamepad or wheel if you’re racing.”

        I agree. I use a gamepad for games that require greater control, or simply play better with one. For everything else, I use a mouse and keyboard. That said, I still could see some potential use for something like this, but I don’t think that use is so great that it’d be worth dedicating time to learning it.

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