AMD Releases ‘Gaming Evolved’ App to Compete with NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience

Posted on September 27, 2013 9:30 AM by Rob Williams

When NVIDIA released the beta for its GeForce Experience app earlier this year, it took me just a couple of minutes after using it to begin wondering how long it’d take AMD to follow-up with its own solution. While advanced PC gamers might not see much use in a tool that automatically configures a game’s graphical settings for you, the fact that NVIDIA itself determines the ideal settings for your given graphics card and resolution is attractive.

Well, at AMD’s Tech Day held earlier this week, the company did in fact announce its own solution, which falls under the “Gaming Evolved” moniker. There are a couple of key differences between AMD’s and NVIDIA’s solutions, however. While NVIDIA does all of its development in-house, AMD has teamed up with the folks at Raptr to help both design the app itself, and make use of its PC gaming community.

AMD Gaming Evolved Raptr App

That last point is what makes this app really interesting. It seems as though optimal settings for a supported title will be gathered automatically from the community. We’re going to have to wait to get more specifics, but it seems that the app might judge your current FPS and then gather your current configuration, and submit that to the overall pool. Regardless of how it’s handled, the fact that the settings are built automatically by the community is rather impressive, and it seems preferable to NVIDIA’s way of having a team of people test each game out on a variety of configurations (just the thought gives me a massive headache).

Here’s the real kicker: The app appears to work just fine for NVIDIA users as well.

If you’re interested in giving the AMD Gaming Evolved app a go, Ratpr is where you want to be. Currently, there are only 20 supported titles, but it goes without saying that this number will grow swiftly over time.

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