AMD Teams Up with Raptr to Launch Gaming Evolved Rewards Program

Posted on February 20, 2014 4:47 PM by Rob Williams

Use Raptr? Want to earn some free stuff? Own an AMD graphics card? Well, that last part doesn’t seem to matter, so listen-up. AMD has just set aside $5 million in prizes that can be earned through use of its Gaming Evolved application. Because the app is based around Raptr, anyone who already has a Raptr account can simply install this customized client, log in, and begin earning rewards.

AMD Gaming Evolved Raptr Rewards Program

From AMD’s mouth:

Here’s how it works: You earn Rewards Points for activities like playing games, participating in the community, and using the Gaming Evolved app to optimize games. If you’ve been running the app for the last few weeks you probably already have a bunch — possibly thousands — of points saved up.

At the moment, the most intriguing rewards (to me) are the sweepstakes. You can enter a contest every single day if you wanted for a chance to win free games, or even hardware. For those able to amass a lot of points, hardware discounts could be an option as well (such as 50% off of an R7 260X – a ~$70 value).

This is all an interesting idea, and gives one advantage to Gaming Evolved over NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience – which makes me wonder if NVIDIA might want to follow-up with a scheme like this as well. We’ll see.

  • Shadowviper

    Right now a lot of tech and gaming sites/magazines are reporting on AMD’s Reward Program launch from yesterday.

    Most are missing the fact that this program was released to a limited few of us in December-

    They then committed fraud/lied to us here-

    and here:

    Notice how the original launch is called a Soft Launch and clearly shows the offer made and what was needed to achieve the earnings and rewards.

    They second two links they are trying to confuse people by now calling it a BETA, the raptr application was stated to be in a beta and still is in Beta, but the rewards program was not launched as a beta back in December again refer to the first link.

    The second link even shows that they were aware of issues, and instead of stopping the program and making their adjustments they choose to allow the program to run longer having users spend up to 6 hours a day using their app with full intent of changing the terms to a huge advantage to themselves, fraud. This also happened 1 week before the store even opened denying us the chance to spend the points we earned in the original offer before they deducted us those points.

    In many threads raptr employees tell the community that it was a beta and compare that to how MMO’s run their beta’s saying how they could of deleted all the points and we should be glad we kept some.

    They also in that last link state that this was not AMD, yet the first link and everywhere on the web its listed as AMD’s Program.

    I don’t know what’s more upsetting that companies can treat their consumers this way, or that gamers take the lies and thank them replying “its better than nothing”.

    A lot of people outside the gaming community look down on us believing we waste brain cells playing games, this just supports those beliefs.

    • Rob Williams

      That’s a little upsetting. I had noticed the points accruing for a while in my client (I’ve been using Raptr since 2011), but hadn’t noticed a decline (up until this post I had paid no attention to them). If the points were in fact decreased about 90%, then that’s a little ridiculous. I can’t imagine THAT many people had been taking full advantage of the Gaming Evolved app – I didn’t even know about the reward system until this week.

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