AMD Updates ‘Never Settle Forever’ Bundle, Adds Indie Games to the Mix

Posted on April 21, 2014 1:12 PM by Rob Williams

Hot on the heels of the ultra-high-end Radeon R9 295 X2 hitting stores comes an overhaul to AMD’s ‘Never Settle Forever’ bundle. At the forefront, AMD’s added an indie focus – and for good reason. At the moment, nearly 1/3rd of Steam’s catalog is indie – there’s huge demand here. At the moment, AMD is adding a mere four titles, so I hope to see this list grow in the future – I’m sure there are many indie devs out there who would jump at the chance to be featured in this bundle.

At the moment, the four featured indie games are: The Banner Saga, Guacamelee!, Dyad, and Tales from Outer Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. Since indie titles usually cost a lot less than AAA ones, AMD’s counting any 2 of these as 1 choice.

Speaking of choice, AMD’s sticking to the mechanics that the last Never Settle Forever bundle had. With the purchase of an R7 240 or R7 250, 1 choice can be made; a 260 ~ 270 will increase your choices to 2, and finally, 280 and upward will net you 3 choices.

AMD Never Settle Forever - April 2014 Update

New AAA titles added include Thief and Murdered: Soul Suspect, the latter of which is due out in June. In my post talking about Civilization: Beyond Earth last week, I mentioned that it wouldn’t be a surprise to see that title added to the choices later this year, given it will feature support for Mantle, much like Thief.

There are some important mechanics with this bundle to pay attention to: After purchase, you’ll be given a code, and once that code is used, it’s applicable to only the choices available at the time. If you redeem a code and a new game gets added, tough luck. For this reason, I’d recommend holding onto your code unless the current list of games interests you – which might be a stretch since many of them have been out for a while. Regardless of how you plan to do things, the code must be used by August 31.

Never Settle Forever - April 2014 Availability

Enriching Never Settle Forever further, AMD has a couple of bonus offers that it’s packing in as well. How does $10 off of RAMDisk software sound? Or 3 months free of Splashtop’s desktop / game-streaming? If you’re a Firefall player, you’ll also be happy to know that ingame equipment await.

Overall, a great bundle update. I particularly like the addition of indie titles – kudos to AMD for that move.

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