AMD’s FX Line Greets Two New Models: Six-core FX-6350 and Quad-core FX-4350

Posted on May 1, 2013 1:45 PM by Rob Williams

With Intel set to launch its fourth-generation Core processor series in the coming months, what better time than the present for AMD to pad its FX line a little bit? The company this week added two models to the fray; the FX-6350 and the FX-4350. These models directly replace the FX-6300 and FX-4300, with the primary improvements being the clock speeds.

AMD FX 6-core Box Art

In the FX-6350 vs. FX-6300 battle, AMD’s latest chip boosts the stock clock from 3.5GHz to 3.9GHz and has increased the turbo clock by 100MHz to peak at 4.2GHz. The FX-4350 sees similar gains over the FX-4300; it bumps the clock to 4.2GHz over 3.8GHz and adds 300MHz to the peak turbo, which now sits at 4.3GHz. The FX-4350 also doubles its L3 cache over the FX-4300 – a nice boost to be sure. Both CPUs are specced with a TDP of 125W (it’s worth noting the FX-4300 is 95W).

Here’s a rundown of AMD’s current FX lineup:

 CoresClockTurboL2 / L3TDPPrice
AMD FX-835084.0GHz4.2GHz8MB / 8MB125W$200
AMD FX-832083.5GHz4.0GHz8MB / 8MB125W$175
AMD FX-815083.6GHz4.2GHz8MB / 8MB125W$170
AMD FX-812083.1GHz4.0GHz8MB / 8MB125W$160
AMD FX-810083.1GHz3.7GHz8MB / 8MB95W$155
AMD FX-635063.9GHz4.2GHz6MB / 8MB125W$140
AMD FX-630063.5GHz4.1GHz6MB / 8MB95W$140
AMD FX-620063.8GHz4.1GHz6MB / 8MB125W$155
AMD FX-610063.3GHz3.9GHz6MB / 8MB95W$120
AMD FX-435044.2GHz4.3GHz4MB / 8MB125W$130
AMD FX-430043.8GHz4.0GHz4MB / 4MB95W$120
AMD FX-417044.2GHz4.3GHz4MB / 8MB125W$140
AMD FX-413043.8GHz3.9GHz4MB / 4MB125W$110
AMD FX-410043.6GHz3.8GHz4MB / 8MB95W$100
Note: All processors are built on a 32nm process and are designed for AM3+ sockets.

As of the time of writing, I could only find AMD’s latest CPUs at Newegg. It’s assumed we’ll see them trickle out into other etailers in the week ahead.

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