AMD’s Richard Huddy Tells Us About His New Role as Gaming Scientist

Posted on June 9, 2014 3:00 PM by Rob Williams

We learned last week that industry veteran Richard Huddy made a return to AMD, and perhaps as interesting as that fact itself was the title he’d be taking on: Gaming Scientist. At that time, we really didn’t know what that role entailed, but as promised, AMD posted a video to let Huddy clue us all in.

Huddy says that the primary role of Gaming Scientist is communication, which involves figuring out the needs of game developers, the wants of gamers, and of course, the needs of AMD’s own engineering team. The goal? To make sure that gaming is “front and center” when designing new products.

Role aside, Huddy goes on to state his reasons for returning to AMD, with the company’s ethos being one of the big ones. Like AMD, Huddy believes in open standards, and no doubt tying into the AMD vs. NVIDIA brouhaha from a couple of weeks ago, he also likes the promotion of “open and fair competition”.

Regardless of his reasons, he’s got to be proud to have one of the coolest job titles ever.

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