Anand Lal Shimpi Retires From Site He Founded More Than 17 Years Ago

Posted on August 30, 2014 9:15 PM by Rob Williams

Anand Lal Shimpi, one of the Web’s best-respected tech writers, has decided to retire from the website he founded over seventeen years ago. AnandTech is synonymous with the term “tech website”, and it currently ranks within the top few thousand sites in the world. This, all from the humble beginnings of a fourteen-year-old boy who decided to have some fun and teach people tech through a free Geocities website. “Anand’s Hardware Tech Page” has sure come a long way.

Anand Lal Shimpi

When I got the idea to create a tech website of my own in late 2004, there were just a couple of sites that served as an inspiration. One of those, of course, was AnandTech. I had always been impressed by Anand’s knowledge of the more complex aspects of technology and hardware, especially processor architecture.

Similarly, I always enjoyed bumping into Anand at trade shows, and especially being able to hear him and The Tech Report‘s Scott Wasson go back and forth. Scott’s another writer that I’ve looked up to since Techgage’s inception, so it’s always been enjoyable to hear these two talk about anything and everything. One thing that was never void from these discussions was humor. Anand might have an enormous brain, but he’s genuinely hilarious – it’s very much clear to me that he’s loved what he’s spent the last 17 years doing. In what’s to become his final post, Anand writes:

I’m 32 now. The only things that’ve been more of a constant in my life than AnandTech are my parents. I’ve spent over half of my life learning about, testing, analyzing and covering technology. And I have to say, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

Seeing people bounce around from position to position is extremely common in the tech industry, but this move is one that strikes me as more of a surprise than most. It’s not hard to understand where Anand is coming from – after a while, the body craves a change. But that said, it wouldn’t surprise me if Anand knows exactly what’s in store.

At a mere 32-years-old, Anand has certainly accomplished some great things, and I wish him the absolute best of luck in his future endeavors.

Anand’s Editor-in-Chief position will be immediately filled by long-time AnandTech writer Ryan Smith. You can read his “Meet the Boss” post right here.

  • John Alexander Butler Temple-C

    Holy moly, it won’t be the same without you Anand! Glad to say I was there from the beginning, didn’t realise how long ago that was! :-( Also can’t believe how young he must have been when he started. Well done that man…

  • Junky

    an end of a small techy-geeky-dawn-of-the-pc-tech-for-all-on-internet

  • Kougar

    He’s been hired by Apple, apparently. Also yeah, I can’t believe how young he was when he started Anandtech… just wow.

    • Rob Williams

      It’s hardly a surprise that’s where he’s winding up… but I am curious to learn what he’ll be doing there.

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