AOC’s Latest 24-inch Monitor Packs Dual Speakers in its Base

Posted on May 15, 2014 1:44 PM by Rob Williams

At quick glance, AOC’s latest 24-inch IPS monitor doesn’t look too different from most others. Upon closer inspection, though, a major difference reveals itself: The monitor’s base isn’t just a base, it’s a pair of speakers. ONKYO 7W speakers, in fact.

AOC i2473Pwm 24-inch Monitor

Integrating speakers into a monitor’s base is an interesting design, and it’s hard to say if it’s the best one. I’d imagine that having the speakers higher up on the monitor would sound more natural, but I could be wrong. I’m betting that the drivers inside these speakers are angled, targeted for your head, rather than straight up in the air. Of course, an obvious downside with this design is that you’ll be unable to place things on the base, something many of us do, I’m sure (mobile phone, for example).

The i2473PWM┬áis more than just speakers built into a base. It’s a 1080p display, with an IPS panel, 5ms response time, and a 250cd/m2 brightness. For ports, there’s VGA, an HDMI, and a mini-HDMI (MHL). That’s right – no DVI port to be found here, so these speakers would have to be powered by an HDMI connection.

Those interested in the i2473Pwm will be able to pick one up soon for $249 USD.

  • xOptix78

    At $249, I’d say that’s as near to a steal as you can get, but I’m always wary of monitor-based speakers. The sound quality has always been questionable, but seeing how there’s a lot more real estate in the monitor base than there is behind the screen, this could work.

    I’m in the market for a new monitor sometime soon, so this might be the way to go seeing how I haven’t had an actual set of speakers in close to 5 years.

    • Rob Williams

      I appreciate speakers built into a monitor mostly for consoles and things like that, where the sound often can’t be driven through normal speakers. The ASUS 27″ I use has built-in speakers, and so I on occasion hook my NVIDIA SHIELD up to it via HDMI and play Android or emulated games that way.

      I have never had a monitor with built-in speakers that impressed me with the audio though. The Gateway 30″ with soundbar I had came quite close to “impressive”, but still, compromises obviously have to be made.

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