Apple Announces Completely Revamped iOS 7

Posted on June 10, 2013 6:21 PM by Rob Williams

The day has finally arrived: Apple has announced its long-awaited iOS 7. As expected, this next release isn’t a simple evolutionary upgrade over iOS 6, but rather a complete revamp – something that’s been much-needed as far as I’m concerned. The aesthetics have been amped-up… the OS simply looks gorgeous. It’s bright, clean, and seemingly intuitive.

Apple iOS 7

One major new feature is Control Center, which slides up from the bottom to reveal a couple of quick-access functions. These could include control over currently-playing music to WiFi or Bluetooth enable / disable. There are also some icons for a flashlight and calculator, and we’d assume these could be replaced with your own preferred system tools.

Apple iOS 7 01

Other features include enhanced multi-tasking, a robust notification center, and a bunch of revamped apps including Photos, iTunes Radio, AirDrop, Camera, Safari, Siri, Weather, Mail and Messages.

You can read a lot more on what iOS 7 brings to the table at the official site.

  • e550mercedes

    Definitely an improvement. I personally don’t have, nor do I need a smartphone, but from what I have seen I definitely would consider an iPhone with iOS 7, and even more so if they increase the screen size to about 4.5 inches. Any larger and I might as well just buy a tablet.

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