ARCTIC Introduces New Generation of VGA Coolers (Featuring Back-side Cooling)

Posted on March 14, 2014 8:30 AM by J.D. Kane

ARCTIC has introduced a new generation of aftermarket GPU cooling solutions.

Featuring a back-side cooler – essentially a large passively-cooled heat sink – incorporated into an enhanced aftermarket GPU air cooler, ARCTIC’s new series of VGA coolers promises to offer even better cooling performance, ease of installation benefits, and decreased risk of warranty invalidation compared to the company’s previous-gen equipment as well as most of its competitors.

Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV

ARCTIC touts its new generation of VGA coolers to have several specific advantages over the competition. The back-side cooler is specifically designed to lower VGRAM and VRM temperatures; the knock-on effects of this are improvements in overclocking potential and component reliability. Another benefit is the complete lack of need to use thermal glues to install the new equipment on users’ graphics cards. This not only improves installation of the ARCTIC gear on the graphics card, but also makes restoring the graphics card to stock configuration much easier.

Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV - Back Heat Sink

The new-gen ARCTIC VGA coolers are now available in several guises. The Accelero Xtreme IV and Accelero Xtreme IV 280(X) are both designed to dissipate up to 300 Watts; both are equipped with three 92mm PWM fans, which should ensure quiet operation as well as lower operating temperatures. The Accelero Twin Turbo III, meanwhile, has a pair of 92mm PWM fans, which makes it capable of handling up to 250 Watts of waste heat output. Finally, the Accelero Hybrid II-120 is an air+liquid hybrid cooler. Equipped with a radiator cooled with a 120mm fan, the Accelero Hybrid II-120 is said to be capable of handling up to 320 Watts.

The Accelero Xtreme IV and Accelero Xtreme IV 280(X) have an MSRP of $99.95, with the Accelero Twin Turbo III available at $79.95. The Accelero Hybrid II-120, meanwhile, can be had for an MSRP of $129.95. All the new-gen ARCTIC VGA coolers with the back-side coolers are now available.

  • Rob Williams

    That is one hell of an advanced-looking cooler. It’s nice to know it can be installed without glue… that is one aspect of these third-party coolers that I’ve hated.

  • zacharyt1122

    Does look good, although probably wouldn’t be good for a tri GPU setup. My EVGA 8800 GTX had a backside cooler on it, although much smaller than that monster.

    • Rob Williams

      I agree. This thing would be a massive hog, like a lot of third-party coolers. I had a Zalman installed on my 580 that took up three slots.

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