ASUS Updates Lamborghini VX Notebook, Introduces Eee PC Version

Posted on June 3, 2010 2:33 PM by Rob Williams

The first notebook I ever took for a test drive for the site was ASUS’ Lamborghini VX1 (see, the “test drive” thing works). At that time, I didn’t ponder the future of the series too much, but assumed that there would be plans to unveil a new model every so often. As we see today, that couldn’t be any more true, with ASUS showing off the VX7 at Computex. It doesn’t end there, either… as the company also had an Eee PC Lamborghini model on display.

Let’s talk about the VX7 first, though. This is a notebook that’s designed for users who want a notebook that reflects their personal style and inhibitions, not to mention one that is able to stand out of a crowd. The VX7 is perfect for those people, and the photo below simply proves why. This is hardly a square and simple notebook, but rather its entire chassis is designed to reflect common Lamborghini design cues, all the way down to the tail lights (whether these light up or not, I’m unsure, but I’d have to assume they would).

As you would expect from both a high-end notebook from ASUS and a Lamborghini auto, the VX7 has the specs to back up its namesake. The notebook will feature a Core i7 processor, up to 16GB of memory, an NVIDIA “enthusiast’s” graphics card, dual hard drives, up to 1.5TB, a Blu-ray ODD, and a 15.6-inch LED backlit display.

ASUS Lambgorhini Notebooks

Interestingly, ASUS stated that it hadn’t included an SSD due to the overall lack of need or want, and also to prevent adding even more price to an already expensive notebook. I find this excuse to be a little strange, as reasonable SSD’s are more affordable than ever, and people who are purchasing a Lamborghini notebook (and a ~$3,000 one at that), want performance.

However, ASUS defends its decision by saying that many people in the crowd it’s targeting would be confused by the absolute lack of space, and to be fair, that’s understandable. I’m sure that as SSD pricing continues to drop, we’ll see an SSD option in the future.

Because performance doesn’t have to equal “huge”, ASUS has introduced a Lamborghini-branded Eee PC at the event. The design aesthetics are not nearly as blinged-out as the VX7, which is likely due to the tighter form-factor. In truth, I much prefer the design of the Eee PC over the VX7, as it’s clean, simple, and still says Lamborghini on it.

ASUS Lambgorhini Notebooks

This Eee PC will feature a 12.1-inch display (1366×768), an Atom D525 processor, 1 – 4GB of DDR3, 250 – 320GB of HDD space (it also includes 500GB of “ASUS WebStorage”), n wireless and even 1Gbit networking. With its 6-cell battery, this notebook is set to last up to 7.5 hours. Want this Eee PC in white or black? You got it. As for pricing, ASUS wasn’t able to tell us what the premium of the Lamborghini version of the Eee PC would be, but it’d be safe to say that it would be between ~$50 – $100.

Source: ASUS

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