At 960GB, Kingston’s New SSDNow V310 Becomes Company’s Largest SSD

Posted on July 21, 2014 3:31 PM by Rob Williams

Kingston’s SSDNow series has long been a popular choice for those looking for a great bang-for-the-buck SSD, and so it’s not a series we’d expect to see a landmark model released in. But at 960GB, the V310 is certainly that.

Utilizing Phison’s 3108 controller, the V310 can peak at 450MB/s read and write when benchmarked with ATTO, and 500MB/s read and 440MB/s write when benchmarked with either CrystalDiskMark or AS-SSD. On the IOPS side of things, the drive is spec’d at 40,000 read, and 20,000 write. For those curious, Kingston has benchmarked the V310 using PCMark 8’s storage test, and received a score of 4,700.

Kingston SSDNow V310 960GB SSD

The V310 might not be one of the fastest SSD models on the market, but as a V series, its value proposition is sure to make it an attractive option to some. While Kingston’s yet to reveal pricing information on the V310, the V series in general has always been priced very competitively – which is a big reason it’s been┬áso popular – so I’d expect that the pricing of this particular SSD will likewise be attractive to those who need big space.

As someone who uses a rather noisy WD VelociRaptor 1TB drive for all of my games, Kingston’s V310 intrigues the hell out of me. It might not be a top-performer SSD, but it’s an order of magnitude faster than any mechanical drive, and let’s face it: Raw throughput only matters so much. It’s IOPS and latency that matter more, and those specs are very good on this drive. For those who like to fill up a drive with games, the V310 could be a very, very tempting option.

Like most of its SSDNow models, Kingston’s V310 comes in four different flavors. For those who want the drive and nothing else, there’s a barebone package, while those who want to migrate their OS over to this drive can pick up a bundle designed for the notebook or desktop, or notebook and desktop (pictured above).

As mentioned above, Kingston’s keeping mum on V310 pricing for the time-being, but that information could creep out sometime later this week.

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