BioShock Includes SecuROM, Gamers Upset

Posted on August 27, 2007 6:18 AM by Rob Williams

BioShock was released last week and has been selling quite well, as expected. However, not all is good, since 2K Games thought it would be a great idea to include DRM-type protection called SecuROM. For anyone unaware, SecuROM is one of those applications designed to find out if you are using a legit copy of the game or not. The biggest issue is the fact that it’s difficult to remove off of your computer, even after uninstalling the game. Even worse, it conflicts with some popular anti-virus applications.

Why does a company install such malware? Good question. As it’s been proven a million times, the only people that this effects are the legal paying customers. Hackers will defeat these protections every4-single-time. So why waste your customer’s time?

Systems like SecuROM attempt to defeat common modes of piracy, but are indeed loathsome to gamers, as they quite often cause problems for legitimate users who have paid full fare for their games. They also make it difficult for gamers to move game data to a hard drive for easier play and quicker access.

Source: Ars Technica

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