BioShock’s Copy Protections Succeeded… More To Come

Posted on November 23, 2007 7:28 AM by Rob Williams

BioShock’s launch a few months ago was far from being perfect. Despite being a fantastic game (to most, not to me), the game had issues on all platforms. There were scaling “problems” for the Xbox 360, and of course, who could forget the beautiful copy protection that was SecuROM for the PC version? Though to some, SecuROM was the least of their worries. Instead, it was the install limitations, which would only allow you to install the game a certain amount of times on a single PC.

According to GameSpot, 2K Australia was quite pleased with their results. The game took a full thirteen days before being cracked and released to the masses. This doesn’t sound impressive at all, but that was thirteen days the pirates weren’t giving the game away for free. For the legit consumer, advanced protections have no end in sight. Though 2K admits their future efforts may differ from what was included with BioShock, their goal is to make sure that their title keeps away from crackers as long as possible.

At the recent Games Connect Asia Pacific conference held in Melbourne, Australia, 2K Australia senior programmer PC team Martin Slater acknowledged the company received plenty of flak at launch. In a keynote speech which covered 2K Australia’s work on BioShock, Slater said while the company won’t be implementing the same launch install patch strategy for future games, it would do something “similar” as piracy remained one of the biggest problems for PC games.

Source: Gamespot

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