BitFenix Aims for Style and Minimalism with its Mid-Tower ‘Shadow’ Value Chassis

Posted on August 29, 2013 2:47 PM by J.D. Kane

BitFenix has introduced its latest PC chassis, the Shadow. The company says that its newest “represents a trifecta of style, functionality, and value.

It’s hard to argue the claim about style. The Shadow adopts many of the company’s signature styling features, including a completely clean front facade free of intake vents and drive bays. Of course, such essential details are still present; BitFenix hides these behind a magnetically-latched front door to maintain the clean, monolithic design that defines many of its chassis offerings.

BitFenix Shadow Angle

Also contributing to the Shadow’s style is another BitFenix touch, the appropriately-named SofTouch Surface Treatment. SofTouch endows the Shadow with enhanced stain resistance and a good-looking matte finish.

A final nod to style is the brushed aluminum BitFenix logo fitted to the front door. For the Shadow, the company logo is further stylized with a customizable LED accent. Users can choose to have a blue or a red LED shine on the logo, or to simply have no lighting enhancement, via a convenient switch on the front I/O panel.

In terms of functionality, the Shadow is roomy enough on the inside to accommodate graphics cards as long as 320mm and have air coolers as tall as 165mm without any issues. It can also host up to three 5.25″ devices in its front bays as well as seven 3.5″ storage drives internally. There is also a dedicated 2.5″ SSD mount as well. All storage bays feature tool-free locking mechanisms.

BitFenix Shadow Installed Hardware

There are four 120mm fan mounting positions: two front intake, one bottom, and the rear exhaust position. Two of the company’s own Spectre 120mm fans come preinstalled in the Shadow. Also, the front intakes, bottom, and the PSU area all have removable dust filters.

Other nods to functionality include a pair of USB 3.0 ports and a pair of USB 2.0 ports on the front I/O cluster, as well as a large CPU cooler cut-out on the motherboard tray, cable management openings, and black flat ribbon cables. There are seven PCI expansion slots, too.

The Shadow will be available in Midnight Black when it launches in October. MSRP has not been released at this time.

  • Rob Williams

    That’s a rather attractive-looking build there.

    • Hubert J Farnsworth

      Nice and clean

      • Rob Williams

        If you’re going to compliment me, you should probably say something nice about the chassis, too.

        • Hubert J Farnsworth


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