Blacksmith Tony Swatton Creates a Real-life Minecraft Diamond Sword

Posted on April 25, 2013 12:05 PM by Rob Williams

Well, this might just be one of the coolest real-world examples of a video game weapon that I’ve ever seen. In Minecraft, the most powerful and durable sword in the game is the Diamond Sword, and as such, it tends to be the most sought-after. Naturally, then, it’d be the sword that a blacksmith would want to create should he have the opportunity. It’s an opportunity that recently hit renowned blacksmith Tony Swatton, and despite the sword having such a bizarre design, he took on the task.

Creating a sword like this is the kind of process that deserves a video timeline, and lucky for you, there’s one right here:

In the video, Tony mentions that the sword’s design would make it uncomfortable for use, and that’s of little surprise. We’re essentially dealing with larger-than-life pixels, after all. The end result is gorgeous though, and with examples shown towards the end of the video, the sword is very powerful.

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