Boutique Builder Origin PC Drops AMD GPU Options

Posted on October 7, 2013 8:00 AM by Rob Williams

Here’s a bit of news AMD sure could have done without ahead of its next-gen GPU launch. Boutique builder Origin PC announced late last week that it’d be ceasing the option of adding AMD’s graphics cards to customer systems, citing “customer experiences” as the first big reason behind the decision.

As told to HotHardware, “This decision was based on a combination of many factors including customer experiences, GPU performance/drivers/stability, and requests from our support staff. Based on our 15+ years of experience building and selling award winning high-performance PCs, we strongly feel the best PC gaming experience is on NVIDIA GPUs.

Origin PC Genesis
Origin PC’s GENESIS, Soon to be red no more

This strikes me as all sorts of odd. Since I tend to prefer NVIDIA in my own PC for a couple of reasons (namely, better support for the game emulators I use, and also my old-school MMORPG), I can’t relay any recent long-term experiences with AMD. However, if problems with AMD’s cards are in fact severe enough that it causes a PC boutique to stop offering its cards, you’d think that we’d be hearing about complaints en masse. I sure haven’t been seeing those.

AMD’s cards at the moment aren’t perfect, what with micro-stuttering issues that some people consider to be a major issue, but aside from that, the company’s offerings are solid, and I couldn’t honestly say that its cards are lacking compared to NVIDIA’s in any substantial way – both have their own sets of pros and cons.

Overall, this move is strange to me, especially from a boutique builder, which typically builds what their customers want, not what the company thinks they should have. For what it’s worth, the company does state that there’s been no external power that encouraged this decision; rather, it just wants to deliver its customers the best experience possible. Take that as you will.

  • Cloud W Omega

    micro-stuttering was fixed.

    • Rob Williams

      Was it definitively? I remember after the patch launched, people were complaining that it was still there. I never actually encountered the issue myself, or my eyes really are not that fussy.

      • Jamie Fletcher

        It wasn’t fixed for all GPUs at launch, hence people complained. Though I think it’s now fixed for the majority of units. Still unsure about multi-monitor stutter though, that might still be up in the air, have to go reading into it later.

        • Cloud W Omega

          Either way, this is very fishy,

          • Kayden

            I’ve generally had an issue with AMD either with drivers or with the longevity of the card it self. I have a lot of reasons why I don’t care for them but that stuttering thing also affected people with certain cross-fire configurations on a single monitor as well and it took AMD far, far too long to fix it.

            I do appreciate that this company see’s the value in going with NVIDIA based on their customer feedback but if some one wants to put an AMD based GPU in their system, then they should provide an option to have no additional GPU installed. The customer should be able to install/change a GPU and maintain the systems warranty, if they can’t then I would agree something fishy is going on.

            I just hope they listen to those who complain about that as much as they did when they made this decision.

          • Cloud W Omega

            The question is, why remove the choice? Sure there can be complaints and all but its still a choice. I though have been using AMD for as long as i have ever been in computer engineering, programing and now game programing. All problems I have ever had has been minor or worse on a Nvidia card. The only major problem has been stuttering which is gone for me, and being after the fact, is not really all to valid a reason to leave it out of a custom building website.

          • Rob Williams

            The reason the company made this decision was based on the number of support calls it had to deal with. I haven’t had particularly bad luck with AMD, but again, I haven’t run AMD long-term for a while so I can’t exactly speak to that.

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