CD PROJEKT RED Unveils New Studio Logo, The Witcher: Wild Hunt Logo

Posted on May 14, 2014 2:09 PM by Rob Williams

For the first time since founding in 2002, CD PROJEKT RED has updated its logo. This comes at an important time for the company, as its most ambitious game to date, The Witcher: Wild Hunt, is due out in under a year. While a logo can “just be a logo”, there’s a lot of meaning behind this one. CDPR’s Head of Studio Adam Badowski has this to say:

We are rebels and rebels are free. Just like birds. The Northern Cardinal, or REDbird, is what we see ourselves in the industry: intrepid, bold and confident; flying high and aiming even higher. The color, cardinal RED, is something that connects it with another bird, a mythological creature close to our cultural roots and heritage—the Rarog, a small firebird believed to bring luck to people. RED stands for energy, the inner fire that drives us; it represents something very close to everyone here in the studio—the creativity and passion we harness from within ourselves to make the best RPGs in the world.


It’s a rather striking logo… I like it. CDPR also took the opportunity to reveal the finalized logo for Wild Hunt:

The Witcher - Wild Hunt Logo

And as usual, the company has done well in whetting appetites for this game:

The Wild Hunt has always been thought to presage war, great plagues and death. Their origin unknown, these ghastly riders instilled fear in the hearts of men and are believed to be able to steal people’s spirits that would later join the cavalcade. They come at night, in the winter and their appearance is always preceded by the aurora borealis.

In The Witcher 3, the Wild Hunt are not mere bosses at the end of a corridor. They’re part of the lore, part of the system of folk beliefs, they’re both something that children say stories about to scare each other and an entity that can wipe out entire villages in one night. The Wild Hunt is essential to the whole Witcher universe and in The Witcher 3 it will finally take center stage.

The ones who command the Hunt remain a mystery even bigger than the Hunt itself. Their number and purpose are shrouded with mystery, their cold steel however is not—many have witnessed the Hunt’s atrocities, almost none survived to tell the tale.

Do want. As mentioned before, Wild Hunt is set to launch next February.

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