CES 2014: Corsair Shows Off Custom Mechanical Keyboard with Per-key Variable Lighting

Posted on January 7, 2014 4:30 AM by Rob Williams

Corsair announced last month that it would be the first vendor to bring keyboards utilizing CHERRY MX RGB mechanical switches to market, and at CES, it had a model to show off. While it’s unclear at this point what the final model is going to be called, the demo on-hand was based around the company’s successful Vengeance K70, and oh, is it hot (for those like me who love this kind of bling).

Corsair CHERRY MX RGB Mechanical Keyboard - WASD

Corsair’s announcement last month didn’t highlight the fact that each key could be colored independent of the rest, but that’s just the case. If you wanted, every key on the board could be colored differently – or, if you want, you can make a cool rainbow pattern (as seen below). Corsair boasts support for 16.8 million colors, but if that’s to be accurate, these LEDs would have to be a league above the standard LEDs that we see on other gaming keyboards.

Corsair CHERRY MX RGB Mechanical Keyboard - Multi-color

In the below video, Corsair shows the keys changing color continually, although it’s unclear at this point if that’s going to be an actual feature. Either way, it goes without saying that this looks extremely attractive, and Corsair was no doubt very smart to find itself a launch partner for these.

As per Corsair:

In the second half of 2014, Corsair will bring the concept to life by launching the world’s first Cherry MX RGB-based gaming keyboards. The new keyboards promise to give gamers all of the precision, feel, and reliability of Cherry MX-based Corsair gaming keyboards enhanced with new personalization and gaming customization provided by nearly limitless per-key lighting combinations.

With that quote, it becomes clear why Corsair used an established model to show off these switches. So, the wait isn’t going to be quick, but it looks to be worth it for those who love color.

  • zacharyt1122

    I’m a sucker for lighted keyboards. Something like this would be pretty tempting.

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