CES 2014: Corsair’s Hydro H105 CPU Cooler Has Thick Radiator, PWM Fans & Color Accent Rings

Posted on January 7, 2014 5:52 PM by Rob Williams

Corsair has just announced the latest addition to its Hydro series of CPU coolers, H105. This is a successor to the well-received H100, and sports a couple of notable improvements. For starters, the radiator thickness has been increased from 27mm to 38mm, and PWM fans replace standard ones to offer finer control to the user.

Corsair Hydro H105 CPU Cooler

The included SP120L fans range in speed from 800 – 2700 RPM, and at full-tilt push 73 CFM worth of air. Noise levels are rated at 37.7 dBA. Because this isn’t a cooler that supports Corsair Link, all fan control will have to be handled by the motherboard’s BIOS / EFI – so those boards with robust fan control will be perfect for this cooler.

The H105 also includes the latest iteration of Corsair’s mounting device, which requires no tool whatsoever to install.

Corsair Hydro H105 CPU Cooler - Installed on Motherboard

Because aesthetics and color-matching sometimes matters, Corsair will be tossing three different colored rings in with the H105: Gray, Blue, and Red.

The Hydro H105 will become available this month, and is being sold at the same price as the H100i, $119.99. It also carries a five-year warranty, and supports a wide-range of CPU sockets.

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