CES 2014: EVGA’s TORQ X10 Gaming Mouse Features Real Carbon Fiber, Adjustable Design

Posted on January 7, 2014 1:09 PM by Rob Williams

We’ve seen a good number of companies over the years decide to try their hand at the peripheral market, and now, it’s EVGA’s turn. As with any company looking to break into a new market, EVGA knew that it couldn’t release some standard fare offering; thus, the TORQ X10 gaming mouse brings a couple of unique things to the table.

At the top, EVGA has implemented the use of real carbon fiber to increase durability, reduce weight, and of course, look good. I’ve been anxious to see some company use carbon on peripherals for a while, so it’s nice to see one finally has.

EVGA TORQ X10 Gaming Mouse - Carbon Fiber

I’ve never given much thought to cable construction, but given the fact that EVGA makes it a point to state that its cable is silver-coated, we can assume that’s not common. As you’d expect, the cable is braided, which helps to increase not only the aesthetics, but durability.

EVGA TORQ X10 Gaming Mouse - Silver-coated Wire

Similar to Mad Catz’s successful line of R.A.T. gaming mice, EVGA’s TORQ X10 has an adjustable frame to help you make the mouse the perfect size for your hand. Further, with its ambidextrous design, the mouse is suitable for both righties and lefties – a very smart design choice on EVGA’s part.

EVGA TORQ X10 Gaming Mouse - Adjustable Chassis

Other perks of the TORQ X10 include an 8200 DPI sensor, 9 programmable buttons, a customizable RGB LED, Omron switches with 20 million click lifespan, built-in 512KB storage for profiles, and, an adjustable weight system. EVGA’s no stranger to making some good-looking and functional software; it’s given us a preview of what to expect here:

EVGA TORQ X10 Gaming Mouse Software

I can’t help but notice the mention of “KEYBOARD” there.

EVGA hasn’t revealed pricing information or even a release date, so hopefully it won’t keep us waiting too long.

  • Kayden

    Looks worth while but I will miss my RAT 7 pinkie guard too much.

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