CES 2014: Intel Powers DreamWorks’ Kid-targeted DreamTab Tablet

Posted on January 8, 2014 7:44 PM by Rob Williams

In a market well-saturated with kid-targeted tablets, DreamWorks wanted to make sure that its own would hit the ball out of the park. So, it teamed up with a company that knows how to build kids’ tablets better than most: Fuhu. In the design process, Intel’s latest Atom SoC was chosen to be the heart of the product, thus marking DreamTab the first-ever Intel-powered tablet.

Unlike most kid-targeted tablets, DreamTab will have high-performance parts. The idea is that if a tablet is underpowered, the kids are going to notice, and how much fun would that be? How high-performance will it be? Well, in a market with an absolute lack of 64-bit mobile devices at the moment, the aspect of the Atom Z3740 sure stands out. Of course, there’s also the fact that it’s a quad-core, and operates at 1.86GHz when at full-throttle (1.33GHz non-Turbo).

DreamWorks DreamTab Tablet - Powered By Intel

The press release doesn’t give a couple of important specs (Note: Update at bottom), such as size and price, but some of its features make this to look rather amazing given its target audience. It’s not mentioned if a stylus will be included, but DreamTab will in fact support one, and, it even supports NFC.

Fuhu told us that two different sizes of the DreamTab will be available, 8 and 12-inch, and while pricing is up-in-the-air for the 12, the 8-inch model will cost “under $300″.

Behind the DreamTab is DreamWorks, so there’s little mystery as to how the company will approach this product. We’re sure to see a lot of exclusive items hit it, and excellent use being made of DreamWorks’ enormous portfolio in general. In addition to that, Fuhu itself will be bundling its Wings Learning System, as well as include an exclusive app called “Be An Artist”. And, not surprisingly, DreamTab will have some rather advanced parental controls.

For a bit more information, hit up the official press release, and for a general overview, check out the below video. 

Update (9:33PM EST): We got in touch with Fuhu and discovered that two versions of the DreamTab will be made available this spring, an 8-inch (under $300) and 12-inch (price TBD). Both models will be available with either 16GB or 32GB of internal memory. 

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