CES 2014: T-Mobile Continues to Annoy its Competitors, Offers You $650 Credit to Switch

Posted on January 9, 2014 3:49 PM by Rob Williams

T-Mobile’s on a rampage – it wants nothing more than to upend the way its competitors do business, and while it seems almost impossible that a major telecom would want to put its customers first (for once), the ship John Legere steers seems to be going in the right direction.

The first punch T-Mobile gave to its competitors came in the form of eliminated contracts, and then it opened up the option for its customers to upgrade on bi-annual intervals. Then, it killed the outrageous roaming fees that have become all-too-common.

Leading up to CES, it had been rumored that T-Mobile would be unveiling a plan where it handled your early termination fee, and lo and behold – it’s been proven true.

T-Mobile Break Up With Your Carrier

I’m not sure how T-Mobile came up with this number, but it’s willing to shell $300 out of its own pocket to cover the outstanding phone cost, and $350 to cover the termination fee. Obviously, most people will not need to take advantage of the entire $650, but for those who require even half that, this is one heck of an incentive. Oh – and that’s per line – T-Mobile allows up to 5 to be claimed.

Of course, a deal like this doesn’t come for free. In addition to having to purchase a new phone (some are $0-down), you’ll need to hand over the old one (which T-Mobile would have effectively paid-off), all in addition to getting a new plan – really, all of this is to be expected. One perk: You can transfer your phone number.

As if this plan from T-Mobile wasn’t enough, it’s gone ahead and created a Facebook app which allows you to construct a break-up letter to your carrier, referring to them as “your ex”. There’s no doubt whatsoever that T-Mobile is having a lot of fun with pissing all over its competitors. The good thing is that consumer benefit is actually coming from it.

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