CES 2014: The Ultimate Has Been Achieved: 3D Printing Can Now Create Candy

Posted on January 9, 2014 4:50 PM by Rob Williams

There’s little doubt that 3D printing is going to become a major part of our future, and it seems that not a month can go by where another reason for that doesn’t get tossed onto the pile. At CES, I think one of the best examples of what 3D printing can accomplish (alright – the tastiest) was shown-off: Candy.

The folks at The Verge had a look at what ChefJet had on offer, and found bowls of the most colorful candy in a wide-variety of shapes, including forms that have been completely hollowed-out (I’ve always been partial to the hollowed cube design).

ChefJet 3D Printed Candy
Credit: The Verge

Because most people wouldn’t enjoy the taste of ABS plastic or PLA, the ChefJet is able to create a thick sugar frosting which can be molded into a variety of shapes. Believe it or not, a black-and-white version of the printer exists, which is really to say you can’t add coloring to it. The ChefJet Pro is required for that. On that front, it’s noted that the ChefJet Pro is so advanced, it could even print-out a bride and groom design that could be used atop a wedding cake – now that’s awesome.

More than one flavor can be created with the ChefJet, and it goes without saying that as time goes on, more possibilities are to be discovered. With a solution like this, it’s easy to envision these sorts of printers wherever cakes and candy are sold, allowing people to come up with their own designs for a special occasion. And that, is pretty sweet.

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