Click and Grow: The Perfect Solution for the Apartment Gardener?

Posted on December 3, 2013 7:30 AM by Rob Williams

As an apartment-dweller who appreciates being able to grow their own food, I get a little frustrated at times because I can’t. It was with great interest, then, that I discovered Click and Grow a little while ago, a product for people like me who can use a window sill or well-lit room to grow something instead of a garden.

The product’s design is simple: It’s a box – or rather, “Smartpot” – that accepts a disc containing either a plant or flowers. Select flavors on the plant side include mini tomato, thyme, sage, chili pepper, and basil. Flowers include Busy Lizzy, Cockscomb, and China Pink – all amazing names, I must admit.

Once the disc is installed into the Smartpot, water can be added. Then, the pot can be set in an area where it’s guaranteed to get sunlight. For power, it can be plugged into a wall, or used with 4x AA batteries. Since it’s normally not very easy to grow plants – much less food – inside, Click and Grow’s “smart soil” contains a special blend of nutrients and oxygen pockets to replicate outdoor life.

Click and Grow

The life of a given plant varies; for something like basil, it’s said to reach full size in 2~4 months and that it can be enjoyed for 4~6 months, while chili peppers grow in 2~4 months and can grow for 6~14 (that’s quite the delta). Unfortunately, seeds can’t be reused.

While Click and Grow is an interesting product overall, it’s rather expensive. Alright – it is expensive. A starter pot costs $79, and refills cost $20. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that $20 is a bit much for 6 months worth of basil, at best. Still, for those who desire homegrown herbs, the option is here.

I asked Click and Grow for a sample long ago, and it quickly obliged. Unfortunately, across two different apartments, I’ve not had the benefit of sunlight, and thus, I’ve been unable to give the product a proper test. That being the case, I wanted to write about it anyway, because I think it’s something worth talking about. Has anyone out there tried a Click and Grow? If so (or if not, for that matter), what do you think?

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