Codename Senna: Spire’s Newest mATX Chassis Breaks Cover

Posted on December 18, 2013 12:45 PM by J.D. Kane

Some names just catch your eye.

If you’ve got even just the minimum of awareness of the history of Formula 1, the name “Senna” is guaranteed to grab your eyeballs and hold your attention. Since F1 is one of the world’s most popular sports, perhaps that’s what Spire is counting on when it gave its latest mATX chassis, which bears the oh-so-exciting part number SP3601B-420WPFC22-U3, the codename “Senna.”

The mATX chassis known as Senna measures 40.5cm x 19cm x 34cm and weighs 3.9kg. Built out of 0.4mm SPCC steel, it’s designed to be compact yet spacious enough to host a well-endowed mATX system, and durable enough to withstand typical impacts.

Spire Senna mATX Chassis Angle

Its front face is meshed for optimum cooling. It also has two 5.25″ optical drive bays as well as four USB ports (3x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0), along with HD/AC97 audio ports. Senna is also styled to impress, with the aforementioned meshed front face and muscular bulges on both side panels. The left side panel, by the way, can host a 120mm fan.

Speaking of fans, Senna can accommodate up to three fans: One in the front intake, one in the aforementioned side panel, and one in the usual rear exhaust position. Out of the box, Senna has a 120mm fan in both the side panel and at the rear exhaust.

Although Spire classifies Senna as a mATX case, ATX mainboards can still be installed in it. Mini ITX motherboards are also compatible with Senna.

Senna comes with a 420W power supply unit, so it’s all ready to host your next PC.

Spire says Senna is available now in most regions, although Europe will have to wait until the beginning of January 2014. MSRP is $54.99.

  • Rob Williams

    I understand the name can mean multiple things, but for most people, it’s going to be equated with Aryton Senna, especially after the popular movie come out a couple of years ago. It’s almost an insult to name a purely budget (even more budget than usual, really), after a name like that.

    Let’s see if Spire comes back with a full-tower high-end chassis and calls it Prost.

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