Color Fusion – An Android Puzzler with Frickin’ Lasers

Posted on September 19, 2012 3:58 PM by Rob Williams

When seeking out a new mobile game, there are two factors I’m a sucker for; puzzle mechanics and lots of color. So it’s of little surprise that months ago, I stumbled on Color Fusion for Android, a game I’ve been meaning to talk about since then. It’s a simple game overall, but accomplishes its goal of exercising your brain well. Plus, there are frickin’ lasers.

Each level in Color Fusion comes to you in the form of a simple 9×6 grid with various lasers, color-appropriate targets, walls and other objects being creatively placed about. Your goal is to take the pieces you are given, which can include redirectors, and then place them around the board in such a way that when you hit “Fire”, each laser color will successfully reach its destination. The shot below shows a successful level, which I don’t mind spoiling on account of it being one of the easiest in the game.

Color Fusion for Android

As you might expect, these puzzles become more difficult as you progress, and quickly you’ll find yourself at a level like the one below, which to this day still manages to stump me even if I’ve completed it four or five times before. You’ll note the colored blockers here – not surprisingly, a color cannot go through a blocker of a different color.

Color Fusion for Android

Another fun mechanic are walls that reflect a laser to have it go in another direction. The concept seems simple enough, but when you have a more complex grid, figuring out the proper locations to place these can really become an exercise in patience. Success feels well-deserved in many of the levels.

Color Fusion for Android

Color Fusion offers a free version that enables the first 15 levels to be played, while the paid version is about a dollar and will open up 75 levels, and allow you to create your own levels and download others from a community list. Just this week, the graphics have been fine-tuned, making it look a lot better on a tablet, so kudos to the dev for that.

If you want a simple puzzler that looks cool and can easily pass the time, check out Color Fusion without hesitation.

Source: Color Fusion

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