Cooler Master at Gamescom: Cosmos SE Unveiled, CM Storm eSports Pros Promoted

Posted on August 23, 2013 3:44 PM by J.D. Kane

Cooler Master’s presence at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, is a significant one this year.

Aside from showing off much of its gear, including the company’s highly acclaimed Storm product line, Cooler Master has unveiled the long-awaited successor to its Cosmos S chassis: The mid-tower Cosmos SE makes its debut in Cologne. Moreover, CM Storm is using Gamescom as an ideal opportunity to promote its sponsorship of eSports Pros.

Cooler Master Cosmos SE

The Cosmos SE is all-black, and it takes all the best features of the Cosmos S and transposes it to a more compact mid-tower chassis. Innovations in cooling and modularity are the highlights of the Cosmos SE’s design, including the front HDD bays. These bays are removable by design to accommodate the fitment of water cooling radiators up to 360mm. The top of the case is also capable of hosting radiators up to 240mm, in case your cooling needs are more extreme. Cable management remains a priority despite the small size compared to the Cosmos S by virtue of the new case’s increased width. The Cosmos SE also retains the Cosmos line’s signature aluminum handles.

Cooler Master Polt

Gamescom also sees Cooler Master’s overt promotion of eSports. It’s not only promoting the teams it sponsors, it’s also shining the spotlight on individual eSports pros as well. At Gamescom, CM Storm eSport athlete Polt, a dominant StarCraft II player in the American league, receives special recognition. He will also be competing at Gamescom under the CM Storm banner, as well. Finally, CM Storm will be showing off its eSports-oriented aluminum-series peripherals at its booth throughout the event.

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