Cooler Master Intros New Glacer 240L Liquid Cooler

Posted on October 23, 2013 9:53 AM by J.D. Kane

The market for AIO (all-in-one) CPU liquid coolers seems to be exploding with each passing day, with companies introducing either all-new models of self-contained, no maintenance water cooling solutions, or evolutions of previously-introduced models.

With the introduction of its new Glacer 240L, though, Cooler Master seems to be moving the goal posts a bit. The Glacer 240L is the first “expandable all-in-one” CPU liquid cooler to be introduced into the market.

Co-developed by Cooler Master and Swiftech, one of the most recognizable names in water cooling, the Glacer 240L is unique in that it is “fully capable of supporting additional liquid cooled components while maintaining superior DIY expandability,” per Cooler Master.

Cooler Master Glacer 240L CPU Cooler

The Glacer 240L is adaptable. If the end-user so chooses, it can be just like any other AIO CPU liquid cooling solution. Cooler Master claims that the system would not require any maintenance for three years. However, the end-user can also exploit the Glacer 240L’s capability to integrate other water-cooled components into the system as well.

The secret to the Glacer 240L’s trick is the fact that it uses “enthusiast grade” 5/8″ OD (outer diameter) coolant hoses and bespoke swivel fittings and hose clamps. To add a new water block to the Glacer 240L system, the end user merely has to install new 5/8″ OD coolant tubing from the cooling unit to the new water block, then to the radiator, then back to the cooling unit.

Cooler Master collaborated with Swiftech to optimize the Glacer 240L’s water pump to enable it to generate a class-leading 165L/hr flow rate and water pressure up to 2650 mmH2O. This is what makes the Glacer 240L capable of accepting additional water blocks. With a copper/brass radiator measuring 269 x 128 x 29mm cooled by two CM Blademaster 120mm fans, cooling performance even for more than a single water block should be good.

The Glacer 240L will be available in October in the USA. Pricing information is not yet available at this time, although the company says price and specific availability may vary based on region.

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