Cooler Master Unveils V8 GTS CPU Cooler, Big on Size and Features

Posted on July 18, 2013 2:50 PM by J.D. Kane

Cooler Master has just revealed an evolution to one of its CPU air coolers: The V8 GTS is here, now sporting HVC (Horizontal Vapor Chamber) Technology.

Vapor Chambers have long been used in GPU cooling, but thus far Cooler Master is the only CPU air cooling manufacturer to use this type of component for CPU heatsinks. The V8 GTS is actually not the company’s first CPU cooler with vapor chambers augmenting the traditional heatpipe heatsink design; its TPC 812, introduced more than a year ago, takes that particular honor.

Cooler Master V8 GTS 01

All told, the V8 GTS is a combination of several air cooling methods in one. It features a trio of towers of optimized fin arrays, eight 6mm heatpipes, and two 140mm fans in push-pull configuration in addition to the HVCs. The two horizontal vapor chambers are mounted outboard of the two outside fin arrays, so theoretically they get the coolest air on the intake side of the V8 GTS.

The included 140mm fans are evolved, as well. They feature what the company calls “a new generation of fan bearings,” which it calls “POM.” Cooler Master claims its POM bearings have an expected lifespan of 160,000 hours. This long lifespan is said to be due to the POM bearings’ self-lubricating and low-friction design.

Cooler Master V8 GTS 02

The V8 GTS will be available in August 2013; it is compatible with all modern CPU sockets from both AMD and Intel, of course. Pricing and specific availability will vary by region, per the company.

  • Rob Williams

    Now that’s attractive. Can’t tear myself away from AIO liquid-coolers though…

  • Jean-François Gionet

    The question now is, does it come with green LEDs?

    • Rob Williams

      It’d be nice if the company let you flick between colors, but alas, no such luck here.

      • Jean-François Gionet

        Yeah, I did a bit or research, red only. That sucks, I think red and blue is highly overplayed with LEDs, mostly red. There’s also the fact I don’t like red…

        • Rob Williams

          That’s why I don’t get why more companies don’t let people choose their own color. It might add another buck to the product, but who cares at that point? The fans on Thermaltake’s Level 10 GT can be switched from red to blue to green… it’s not hard.

          • Jean-François Gionet

            Completely agree, if my mouse can do a bazillion colors and even my RAM let’s me choose between red and green, why couldn’t more obvious things to have LEDs on, not let me choose the color I want? My rig is very much based on the color green and finding a green backlit mechanical keyboard(which I found but haven’t bought yet since it was back order) that wasn’t a Razer product proved to be a challenge and is actually really expensive..

          • Rob Williams

            Another ideal option for some would be to allow them to turn the LEDs off. SO many companies overlook that. Not everyone just loves LEDs beaming out of their computer!

            Also, I’m a sucker for white LEDs. Wish more tech products used them.

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