Cooler Master’s LAN-bound HAF XB Supports an ATX Motherboard, Tri-GPU

Posted on November 14, 2012 7:00 AM by Ryan Perry

Remember when micro-ATX motherboards were considered low-end, feature-less boards that provided only what was needed and little else? So do I, but thankfully the times, they are a-changin’ and mATX users want cases with smaller footprints that can also support high-end components like GPUs and power supplies.

Enter the Cooler Master HAF XB. Despite its diminutive size, the XB packs much of what made its bigger brothers so popular such as rugged, military-inspired aesthetics, SLI or Crossfire support and the ability to install a large number of fans including a 200mm monster on the top.

Some of the new tricks include a removable motherboard tray, removable side and top panels, dual hot swap drive bays, support for up to six 2.5″ drives in total and USB 3.0 capability.

The launch date for the HAF XB was November 12th in North America and is November 26th across the sea. Once it hits retail, it should run ~$100.

  • DarkStarr

    Don’t forget mITX though. I would love to build one of these tiny systems. Would be fun, maybe even WC it hahaha

    • Rob Williams

      Well, this is for those who don’t want to go the mini-ITX route, and don’t mind lugging around a beefier rig to a LAN. Just imagine transporting this if it had three GPUs in it!

      • DarkStarr

        Eh, 7970 + OCed 2600k and 8/16gb on a mITX board seems like more than enough for any lan.

        • Rob Williams

          I agree, and that means you can get away with a much smaller chassis ;-)

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