Cooler Master’s Storm Pulse-R Aluminum Gaming Headset: Designed for e-Sports

Posted on August 1, 2013 10:10 AM by J.D. Kane

Cooler Master has this week introduced its newest gaming-oriented headset, the CM Storm Pulse-R.

Pulse-R is hailed by the company as “the first modular headset that allows gamers to represent and brand their team in the growing e-Sports world,” while also “providing powerful sound to keep gamers immersed in the action.

CM Storm Pulse Gaming Headset

Perhaps the Pulse-R’s most distinguishing feature is its pair of removable laser-etched aluminum ear plates. These ear plates are customizable and feature distinctive and stylish white LED lighting effects. CM Storm’s idea is that e-Sports teams can emblazon their logos on these ear plates, using the power of bling to both represent to the max and to intimidate their hapless opponents into submission.

But don’t make the mistake in thinking that the Pulse-R is all about catching the eye (which it does with its rather distinctive styling). This is a gaming headset after all. As such, it’s equipped with 42mm stereo drivers which, Cooler Master says, deliver “thumping sound and astonishing clarity.” It also has a detachable microphone arm equipped with a noise-cancelling pick-up for the best possible in-game comms quality. Plus, the Pulse-R also features inline volume and mic on/off controls, so it scores high on the convenience scale as well.

Cooler Master says its Pulse-R is now shipping to e-tail channels with an MSRP of $89.99, although both price and availability might vary according to region.

  • Kayden

    This is the first headset that I can say is worth taking a closer look at. I really want to know what kind of quality it offers because I like having the option for either usb or headphone jack. Bring on the testing! I also need to replace my current headphones, they are falling apart….

    • Rob Williams

      I think the specs are good, but damn is that the ugliest headset I’ve ever seen…

      • Kayden

        I have seen uglier, though it was more about the paint scheme rather than the design. I do agree it is as pleasing to the eye as I would like it but at least it accommodates irregular ears and isn’t a mish-mash of vibrant colors.

      • JD Kane

        I’ve seen uglier.

        I can’t really say I’m head over heels over its aesthetics, but that’s not really the point with gear like this, is it?

        If it sounds good, it could look like Spock ears and I’d still wear ’em and use ’em.

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