Corsair Obsidian 750D – Scaled-Down Godzilla Still Thrills

Posted on September 25, 2013 10:05 AM by J.D. Kane

When I first heard about the Corsair Obsidian 900D – nicknamed “Godzilla” – a while ago and saw the first teaser photos, I fell in love. You see, I’ve got a fetish for big, black, monolithic PC chassis. To this very day, it’s the one PC case that I wish I had. It’s got room for a 480mm radiator, it’s black, and it’s got a no-frills aesthetic. Perfection, in my opinion.

The thing about the Obsidian 900D, though, is that it’s really big. I mean, it’s really big. To me, that’s no problem at all, since I’ve been pining for a PC chassis that would fit my fat 480mm radiator sans modification, with enough room for another radiator (or two) more (I can fit my 360mm fat radiator in there as well).

Most people don’t really need all the interior volume that the Obsidian 900D has, however. Indeed, most water-cooling enthusiasts would be content to stuff their chassis with a radiator no bigger than 360mm.

Corsair Obsidian 750D Full-Tower Chassis

So what does Corsair do? It introduced the more sensibly-sized Obsidian 750D.

Well, that’s not to say the 750D is puny. Quite rightly, Corsair still qualifies its newest Obsidian-series chassis as a full-tower. As the company’s Director of Product Marketing Xavier Lauwaert says, “not everyone needs so much room (as the 900D offers). Obsidian 750D is built for those users that demand full-on Obsidian quality in a standard full-tower form factor with plenty of innovative features and cooling options.”

Corsair Obsidian 750D Full-Tower Chassis Interior

The newest Obsidian chassis features:

  • Nine expansion slots (perfect for motherboards larger than ATX-spec and multiple graphics card configurations)
  • Six tool-free 3.5″/2.5″ combo bays in two modular hard drive cages, with the capability to add two more hard drive cages (available separately from Corsair
  • Four tool-free 2.5″ side-mounted drive cages for SSDs
  • Three tool-free 5.25″ optical drive bays
  • Four front-mounted USB ports (a pair apiece of USB 3.0 and USB 2.0)
  • Front-mounted mic-in and headphone-out jacks
  • Room for up to 8 fans (three AF1140L high-airflow 140mm fans come pre-installed – two in front intake, one in rear exhaust)
  • Multiple radiator mounting options:
    • Top: 360mm or 280mm
    • Front: 280mm or 240mm
    • Bottom: 240mm
    • Rear: 140mm or 120mm
  • Cable management-friendly interior with strategically-positioned openings covered up by rubber grommets and good room behind the motherboard tray

The Corsair Obsidian 750D has an MSRP of $159.99 and is available immediately.

  • Rob Williams

    I have both the 700D and 800D here, and I must admit… I’d have to now rank the 750D above them both in terms of aesthetics. That is one great looking chassis.

  • The Focus Elf

    I’ve had the 800D and absolutely loved it. I was going to do a Micro ITX or Mini ATX build but I saw this yesterday, and I’ve got to be honest, having a horizontal motherboard is kind of gimmicky and I sacrifice too much in other areas. I think I’m going to order this case. I’ve got to say well done to you too, Rob, first tech site I’ve seen do anything besides a repost of the press release. I just hope the thing is quiet!

    • Rob Williams

      Any site can copy / paste a press release and add maybe a paragraph of unique content. We don’t post a lot of news, but we try to make sure that the news we DO post is worth your time. Also, JD deserves credit for this post, not me ;-)

      If you do pick the chassis up, be sure to share photos of the build in the forums. I admit I’m still very happy with the 750D, but man, the aesthetics on this thing is top-rate.

      • The Focus Elf

        Oh I didn’t mean to take away from JD! And I will, I’ve already started to collect components… some 2133 Dominator Platinum Dual Channel Ram and a few new Samsung 840 Pro SSDs, it was hard to pick them over the Corsair Neutron GTs but Samsung has been doing so well lately, and I’d say their support edges out Corsair by a hair. Cheers!

        • Rob Williams

          That rig is going to be badass, congrats :D I still want pics though. You going to be RAIDing those SSDs or something?

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